Restoring educational opportunity

While teaching in schools across the district for several years I experienced firsthand the importance of quality schools and teachers for the development of our children. Michigan’s legislature has cut nearly two billion dollars a year from K-12 education, while increasing funding to private charter and cyber schools that continue to profit from taxpayer dollars while cutting the quality of education for our children. I’m running because I want to make sure our community has the best schools we can provide our children and families. Massive defunding has left many school districts without enough resources to provide experienced teachers, character-building extra-curriculars, and necessary courses. If we want our children to succeed, we need to equip them with well-rounded skills and experiences that prepare them for well-paying jobs.

Investing in Michigan workers

Michigan companies deserve the first crack at contracts for work paid for by our taxpayers, but right now many of those jobs are being sent out of state. Michigan’s unemployment rate is the fifth worst in the country. Our legislature’s policies have failed to bring jobs back to Michigan, leaving us trailing behind most of the country, all while lowering the average wages of workers in our community. Instead of more jobs coming into our district, jobs have been leaving. And those that have stayed are paying less than before. The legislature has put the interests of corporations located outside Shiawassee and Saginaw counties ahead of the local businesses and workers that have been the foundation of our community for generations. We need to work to reverse this downward trend and look toward a brighter future for Michigan. It’s time for us to invest in infrastructure, education, and small businesses.

Respecting commitments to our seniors

The legislature has punished our senior citizens by cutting tax credits for Michigan citizens while providing billions of dollars worth of handouts to corporations. I will work to repeal the senior pension tax and restore resources that were promised to our retirees. We owe seniors the dignity and respect of following through on the pensions they were promised when they worked decades to build our community. Instead of cutting corporate taxes to fund special interests outside Shiawassee and Saginaw counties, we should be ensuring our seniors are taken care of with the resources they earned.

Making middle-class families a priority

The legislature has taxed our state’s middle-class families by repealing programs like the Earned Income Tax Credit, Homestead Property Tax Credit, and the $600 per-child tax deduction. These tax credits helped provide relief to Michigan families and allow them to invest in their communities and their futures. The legislature needs to stop increasing the tax burden on middle-class families in order to reduce taxes for corporations and special interests.

Passing Equal Pay for Equal Work Legislation

The current legislature has struck down efforts to guarantee equal pay for equal work in our state. If you do the same job at the same level of quality, you should be compensated the same. Instead, many people face lower wages because of discrimanatory business practices.

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