Annie Braidwood


I am running for the 85th House District because as a lifelong member of the community, I care deeply about the future of Shiawassee County and lower Saginaw County.

While teaching in all parts of these counties I experienced firsthand the incredible parents and children who deserve the best schools in the State. Born and raised in Owosso, I have seen the benefits of small businesses who thrive and treat their workers well, and I have also seen what happens when businesses leave the area or underpay workers because of bad policies. And as a daughter who takes care of her mother, I feel the pain everyday of continued cuts to our seniors’ wellbeing in the form of increased pension taxes.

I am running to represent you. If elected, I will make education a priority, I will support workers and small businesses so we keep and attract good jobs, and I will ensure our seniors are provided the dignity they have earned by building these great communities. These priorities will keep Michigan moving forward and will ensure a brighter future for our community.

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